Many of us have heard it said that complacency is the enemy of development. However, what does that imply? Well, it means that when we are complacent, we stop trying to better ourselves; and instead, settle for our current level of success. 


This is not a good way of thinking, making it hard to see where we need to make changes. This is why we are focusing on the perils of complacency and how it can be conquered, using Isaiah 32:9 as our inspiration.


Isaiah 3:29 says, “Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice,  you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.”


The prophet Isaiah directs this verse at the ladies of Jerusalem, who had become apathetic. They had become complacent in their prosperity and had ceased caring about others. The prophet Isaiah urged them to get up and make a difference in someone else’s life.

The women of Jerusalem are a warning to all of us today; it's easy to fall into the slumber of indifference. It's easy to get used to our comforts and conveniences to the point where we overlook the plight of people around us. It’s dangerous to be so focused on making money for yourself that you lose sight of what is really important. The good news is that, like the women of Jerusalem before us, there is hope. We can come to our senses and take positive steps.


Overcoming Complacency 


Recognizing our complacency is the first step toward overcoming it. It’s crucial to figure out what parts of our lives we have become complacent about and then do something specific about them. This could mean that we have to look at the quality of our personal and professional relationships and our involvement in our communities. We may have to decide if we are really making a difference there or not. 


We can start by committing to a cause we care about, expanding our horizons to include new experiences, or helping people in need. You may not find your perfect fit right away, but being aware of your complacent tendencies and being willing to make a change is excellent progress. Remember that admitting a problem and mustering the will to fix it are the initial steps.


The verse in Isaiah 32:9 encourages us to get up and do something about the state of the world, to be who we are called to be. This is where the effort to get more involved in our local communities and the world comes into play. 


The prophet Amos also warns us against being too comfortable in life. Amos 6, we learn that the Israelites had become so used to their wealth and power that they no longer cared about less fortunate people. As a result, they mistreated the poor that Amos declares in verse 1, "Woe to the comfortable in Zion, and to those who rest easy on the mountain of Samaria, the leaders of the first of the nations to whom Israel's people come!" This warning is as important now as it was thousands of years ago.


The same thing can happen to us when we let ourselves get too comfortable in our own lives. If we aren't careful, we can grow complacent, indifferent to the needs of others. Even if we have a fulfilling career, a lovely home, and everything else we could want, we may begin to feel that our good fortune is our own doing. We may even think we have no responsibility to aid those less fortunate than ourselves.


Avoid Complacency’s Trap


To avoid this trap, we must be aware of our tendency toward apathy. We must work hard to keep God as our focus and an interest in what is happening in the world. We can do this by using our time to help others. We can speak up for those who can't speak for themselves and give material possessions for the benefit of others. Most importantly, by working to build our capacity for compassion and empathy.


Amos 6 shows us the dangers of becoming too comfortable and gives us a perfect example of people stopping caring about the needs of others in favor of their own comfort and success. But every one of us can combat complacency in our own lives. Daily we should be more like the people who are getting things done for the good of others rather than being like the people who don't.


Today, I challenge you to make that decision to leave complacency behind.  Believe that as you do so, 2023 will be the best year of your life, and God will take you to the next level! 


Declare this today: "Every blessing, every opportunity that God has for me, I'm not going to sit here and just watch and slack around." I’m getting it done this year!  Holy Spirit, the results are in Your hands. Help me conquer complacency! Help me overcome complacent sin. Give me the zeal, passion, and excitement I need to take this next leap of faith in 2023! 

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