The “Exodus,” which we can read in Exodus 14, is perhaps one of the most outstanding and epic experiences in Israel's Journey from bondage to freedom. It’s also one of the greatest wonders, and perhaps even beyond that, one of the greatest supernatural miracles ever recorded throughout Scripture.


We read here that Israel is trapped, and behind them is the ferocious Mighty Army of the Egyptians chasing and pursuing them. To picture the setting of the scene, imagine the Israelites sandwiched between the wilderness and the impassable waters of the Red Sea. Nothing less than a miracle is needed at this particular moment; of course, we know what happens next. God sent an East Wind and parts of the Red Sea as the people safely walked on dry land across the sea, while Pharaoh and the Egyptian Army drowned in the waters after the Israelites had safely crossed over.

So what is this story teaching us? Today, we’ll learn that the Exodus story offers much more. It’s a story that applies not just to the Israelites but also us, for it shows us that we have a God who can deliver us and take us out of dead-end situations.




The Exodus is a very familiar story of God’s deliverance and faithfulness. It shows how God brought His people out of poverty, slavery, and suffering. However, we must never let our familiarity cause us to miss out on some fundamental principles and truths designed to impact and transform our lives.


The story of Exodus is not just about how God was able to exit the children of Israel out of Egypt, but it’s also about how God can “exit” us out of our bondage to a place of freedom. God is always working a plan to exit us from every situation of sin and even bondage. He can exit us out of our enslavement and entrapment if we would only trust and follow Him.







Here's the reality about our God. God specializes in dead-end situations – situations where we can't see a pathway forward, where we can't see an opening,  where we can't see an outlet. So God can exit us in all of our dead-end situations.


Each time we’re experiencing dead-end situations, and there is no foreseeable  opportunity for triumph or freedom, God says,  “I specialize in dead-end situations!” God will show up for you when there is no hope in your relationship, finances, and job! Remember: With God, there’s always a way out.


Notice how God “exits” us and takes us out of bondage – it's simply not enjoyable, not even desirable, if truth be told. In  Exodus 14:17-18, we read that the difficult predicament started as soon as they made their journey out of bondage and moved towards freedom. Pharaoh wouldn’t let them go that easily.


When Pharaoh finally let the people go, God did not lead them by way of the land of the Philistines, although that was the easier route. Instead, God said, “Lest the people change their minds when they see war and return to Egypt.” He was sparing them from encountering war with the Philistines, and thus, He led them through the way of the wilderness, which was a more complex and longer path to take.


We can see from the story that the Israelites’ initial journey toward freedom was not the smoothest, shortest, and swiftest. God didn’t lead them to the most accessible and convenient path; instead, God led them to a much more complex way. Instead, God led them on a much more difficult path.




So why would God do that? Why would God lead the Israelites to a more difficult path?


First of all, it’s for their discernment. God wanted them to know suffering so that He could see what was in their hearts. We will never discover how resilient we are until we go through a season of difficulty or grief.


God allowed the Israelites to go through sufferings, so they’ll also know how sovereign He is. God allowed them to go through the wilderness so that they would see that He is their supplier, their sustainer, and their sufficiency.




It’s in the wilderness that they discover that even though God gave them manna from heaven,  man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.


Secondly, God wanted to develop not just their discernment and knowledge and their growth. God says, “You need to grow, and for Me to grow you up, you need to experience pressure.” God will not just let us engage in a social promotion where we go higher to the next level and not become proficient. God wants us to grow by developing our character, confidence, our capacity, our courage, our courage, and our commitment first. And God uses the pressures of life and all difficult circumstances to mold these things in us.


God takes us to the road less traveled because He wants to give us discernment and growth. The road is always challenging. It’s always demanding, and only those willing to go the distance end up experiencing freedom.


So do not resent the problematic predicaments. Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled. Something good is coming out of your endurance and waiting. Your character is being molded to become more like God’s, and your test is becoming a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness.


Today, be encouraged. God is saying to you, “Your wilderness season is not wasted. I’m refining your character, and I'm going to get you out of that impossible situation so that I will be glorified!” 


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